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6/13/07 - Commercial-grade WiFi Router Serving Broadband to Hotels, etc.

Orem, UT (USA) June 13, 2007 – Ad Hoc Electronics, a complete wireless solutions provider, has found that the applications best suited for Bountiful WiFi’s commercial-grade routers are hotels, apartments and large homes. The commercial-grade distinction is due to the router’s extraordinary range and constant supply of broadband Internet access.

2x the linear range, 4x the area
If a single Bountiful WiFi router is delivering Internet access to one floor of a hotel or apartment complex, the IT department can expect twice the range they are accustomed to. Because WiFi routers broadcast radio signals in all directions (picture a pumpkin-shaped broadcast range surrounding the transmitting antenna), the Bountiful WiFi commercial-grade router delivers broadband Internet to more than four times the area of a typical residential router – making use of both its horizontal and vertical range. When supplying Internet access to multiple floors, the Bountiful WiFi router reaches rooms that residential routers cannot. In installations where a residential router provides good or marginal coverage, the Bountiful WiFi provides solid, reliable wireless service which improves the end-user experience.

Constant & Abundant Internet Access
In the past five years, high-speed Internet has migrated from being a luxury to a necessity. When the Internet connection is down, the concierge/manager’s phone starts ringing and IT resources are needed to repair poor customer experiences. The Bountiful WiFi router is an ideal solution for hoteliers and apartment managers seeking to deliver strong, reliable wireless Internet access to their guests/tenants. The router’s innovative technology offers a constant and abundant wireless signal that keeps guests/tenants happy and the IT department focused on other areas.

Four Seasons, a prominent hospitality provider, will soon be installing Bountiful WiFi routers in two of its resorts in Lanai, Hawaii. The resorts will be fitted with the routers in order to provide internet access to all rooms and public areas. “I ordered a Bountiful WiFi router to test its capabilities and was pleased with the results,” said Sen Drumev, director of IT at Four Seasons. “Four Seasons is always looking for ways to please the customer; the customer is most important.”

"The Bountiful WiFi router is the most powerful wireless Internet router allowed under FCC regulations," said David Egbert, President and CEO of Bountiful WiFi. The router outputs a signal that is just less than the 1 Watt (1000 milliwatt) maximum allowed by the FCC. Other routers commonly provide an output signal that is only 100 milliwatts strong. It also features a built-in booster/amplifier that delivers twice the range and reliability of other units on the market.

Ad Hoc Electronics is making the Bountiful WiFi router even more powerful by offering high gain antennas that are compatible with the device. High gain antennas add 10% greater range to the router, allowing the longest possible range from one Bountiful WiFi router.

About Ad Hoc Electronics

Ad Hoc Electronics is a system integrator and distributor of wireless data products, providing companies with the products and expertise they need to add wireless capability to their own systems and devices. The company integrates and distributes industry-leading products to provide OEMs with turnkey wireless solutions for applications in sensor, controls and monitoring markets. For more information regarding Ad Hoc products and services, visit, write to or call (801) 225-2226.

About Bountiful WiFi

Bountiful WiFi is the developer of the Bountiful WiFi wireless router. They have taken wireless LAN solutions to a new level, creating technologies that give users access to the most abundant and constant wireless networks the industry has ever seen. The company designs, engineers, manufactures and implements innovative wireless Wi-Fi LAN equipment and solutions in the widely accepted 802.11b+g standard. For more information regarding Bountiful WiFi products and services, visit