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Log Homes

app_log_home.jpg Log homes are made with solid log walls making it difficult to run wires throughout the house. Contractors drill holes into the logs in order to run wires from one place to the next; this process takes a lot of time to plan and complete. Self-powered Wireless light switches from Ad Hoc Electronics save contractors hours of time and hassle while enabling log home owners to truly customize the lighting in their dream home.

Own a log home?

With ILLUMRA self-powered wireless light controls, log home owners can easily add new light switch locations in their existing home.

Building a log home?

See how ILLUMRA self-powered wireless light controls can provide custom lighting for your dream home.

Benefits of Self-powered Wireless Light Controls

Time and Material Savings
  • Fast, simple installation
  • No wire from lights to switches
  • No switch boxes
  • 150 feet operating range
  • Tested for 20+ years of use
  • Never experience a "dead" switch
Convenience and Customization
  • Lighted pathways and scenes
  • Can be mounted anywhere
  • Easy to use and install

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Call 801-225-2226 to order.

Use an ILLUMRA wireless light switch to make wireless light control simple.

It's your log home. Light it the way you want.